In this Busybody World Someone Could Carelessly Write and Publish About You. What Can You Do?

    In today’s buzzy and busybody domain, one needs to tell his or her story well, if not others may carelessly lead the way to write about you. 

Perhaps, they have less to tell about themselves but so much to talk about others. Almost like the stand-up comedian. 

And with the advent of social media, many have purportedly appearing to become reporters or writers. 

At the moment, anyone can freely write or mention about you in their social media. Moreover, one can also do it on other people accounts in the comment segment. 

Interestingly, in UK that person is envisage to be protected for freedom to express under The Human Rights Act 1998 and the fundamental rights. 

In fact, this include to express their views aloud through published articles, television or radio broadcasting, works of art and the internet and social media, with a provision that along the way you also have respect for other people's right. In such a situation, the account holder of the social media shall not delete the comment, if not he or she will be deemed to be going against freedom of expression. 

In Malaysia, a complainant might have to take a long way to stop this busybody people as you are required to communicate directly with the website or operator to remove the intended comment or even a picture, promptly. And if the affected owner does not or refuse to cooperate, you can lodge reports to the site administrator directly by using "report abuse" button as provided by the site administrator. 

In other countries, the law allows anyone who is referred to in a publication to demand a right to reply. To qualify the complainant only has to have been mentioned. Publishers cannot refuse to run a correction, although the law does not prevent them from commenting further on the claimant in the same publication. However, if your response to reply is weak or inadequate then no one else will take the blame except oneself. This could be very unpleasant as the whole episode would have been seen and shared by netizens.

Besides, storytelling has become complex with the presence of digital communications since it has become a part of traditional communication. According to an analysis, digital communications is about more interactions, more participators, egalitarians, decentralization and less hierarchy. 

These days, there is overwhelming information circling around consumers that made it hard to get their attention. Not only you but others are also trying to sell the same kind of products to the same consumers, amid a lot of channels that you can use to reach them from internet to smartphones and social media. But don't forget consumers have their own favorite channels and they also have the liberty to block messages that are not relevant or indifferent to them.   

On the other spectrum, a good product or service is no longer a ticket to success since negative or even a half-truth story about it can create misconceptions. Furthermore, the matter could get very sticky when scrutinized in online consumer review sites. More people and even many small and medium size companies may not be aware that such kind of misunderstandings could affect personal and  business reputation.

And no one knows everything and practically, there is no 'one-size-fits-all’ solution to this issue. Media and user communications landscape have changed drastically and one needs to seek for experts to assist in meeting these new challenges or even opportunity that may come together to succeed. 

Hence, hope you will know what to do wisely when someone carelessly write about you, next time? 

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