Making Sense of the COVID-19 Pandemic

There is a Need to Tell Your Story Better This Time

 The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to affect performance, communications and collaborations. Entrepreneurs, especially the SME owners are highly encouraged to adapt and leverage on digital technology in restarting their operations.

    Business can be challenging especially during this time. In the path to 'new normal' business communications have to be better than the past. As  countries all over the world embrace social distancing, many businesses have had to  adapt to find new ways of operating and contemplating to run 'business as usual'.

    Perhaps, the right thing to do now is to keep in touch with each other, whether that’s our colleagues, clients, suppliers or other surrounding communities. Eventually, there is a need to keep some long-term vision in mind and that every business has a social responsibility to its communities. Hence, entrepreneurs need to provide clients and suppliers with the reassurance that you are still present and ready to respond to any concerns. Moreover, tell customers if you are facing unprecedented demand during this time, delays or shortages in products or services. Employees have to have clear understanding of the business and able to communicate with clarity to customers.

In the final analysis, prioritising communication is the key business goal in order to maintain the trust and relationships you have built over time. It’s important to remain presence throughout this period, whether it’s business as usual on your end or otherwise. In a time of the unpredicted, your honesty and transparency will go a long way.


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